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Manu’a Dist. 1 returns both of their senators for 2nd consecutive 4-year terms

Traditional leaders of Manu’a District No. 1, the counties of Ta’u, Faleasao and Fitiuta, have returned Sens. Galeai M. Tu’ufuli and Nuanuaolefeagaiga Saoluaga Nua for the next four years in the Senate. The two senators will be serving their second consecutive four-year terms.

Galeai had previous served in the Senate a few years back and Nuanuaolefeagaiga, a former House Speaker, is also the current Senate President Pro Temp.

Reached by telephone last Friday, Galeai said he was unable to attend the district meeting on last Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) due to air transportation issues but the “feed back” he received is that he and his Manu’a colleague Nuanuaolefeagaiga have again been returned to the Senate.

“I’m again humble with the blessing of our leaders,” he said.

Nuanuaolefeagaiga confirmed that he attended the meeting, which was held at the county’s traditional grounds of Malaetele, on Ta’u island. He says there were some names mentioned for possible candidates but in the end the peaceful selection came to the consensus that he and Galeai would return to the Senate.

He expressed appreciation for being returned to the Senate and that his constituents shared some of the concerns that need development. For example, improvements to ocean transportation as well as the Faleasao and Ta’u wharves and these improvements would mean economic development for Manu’a.

Another request is to restore the two Manu’a senatorial seats that were take away several years ago and this is similar to the request to restore the two seats in the House of Representatives in accordance with the wishes of Tuimanu’a, according to Nuanuaolefeagaiga.

Other requests include improvement to schools and roads, as well as hiring more physicians for Manu’a so people will return to Manu’a instead of residing on Tutuila.

As for Manu’a Dist. No 2- Ofu Olosega/Sili — no word on when they will meet to select their senator.