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Manu’a Stores staff & mgmt mourn

[photo: THA]

The cheerful and helpful atmosphere — a trademark of service in Manu’a’s Stores — has been replaced with a somber one, as staff and management mourn the loss of co-workers, friends and family members electrocuted last week Saturday at Manu’a’s Store location in the Tafuna industrial park.

According to one employee when asked, it’s been really hard to come to terms with something so sudden and unexpected that has happened to not only one, but two of their friends, who have passed, with one still in ICU, while others are recovering from their injuries, they are struggling to try and deal with the tragedy.

Banners, wreaths, and handmade signs are seen outside the two Manu’a’s Store locations, as well as at the site of Saturday’s tragedy — from the staff and management as well as the community —grieving with the families for their loss.

The tragedy continues to echo through the community, as the injured man in ICU is still battling for his life, with family and friends and co-workers praying for his recovery. Social media sites are exhorting the young man to be strong and not give up the fight.

Manu’a’s Store — in its Malaeimi & Pago locations — closed early yesterday afternoon, with employees going to the hospital’s chapel to pray together.