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Manu'a orator launches a book detailing the migration of the Navigators across the East Pacific Ocean

Author Fata Ariu Levi
Source: Fata Ariu Levi media release

Manu'a Islands, AMERICAN SAMOA — Samoan Orator Chief, Fata Ariu Levi, invites you to join him on a journey through science and history as he announces the fulfilment of his lifelong ambition in the release of his book: Navigators Quest for a Kingdom in Polynesia.

This account describes the last ancient human migration across the largest body of water in the world, on a journey to discover and colonize the over 8,000 islands of Polynesia, connecting the Asian and American continents during the Neolithic period. It reveals the anatomy of the Polynesian Navigators’ (Samoan) migration from Asia to the East Pacific. And it shows how understanding human migration and/or immigration can enlighten us on the subliminal changing colors of our cultural mosaic identity.

No ancient human migration mystery has been studied, theorized upon, and written about more than the Polynesian journey across Eastern Pacific. Now, finally, a sedulous effort by a culture expert and custodian of Samoan history, language, genealogy, and mythology weaves a multi-threaded motif through the story of the Samoan’s arduous journey across the Pacific Ocean. The author coalesces ideas and connects the dots of a plethora of scientific studies and evidence, postulating and confirming the path of the Navigators’ migration.

What people are saying:

Papali'i Dr.Failautusi Avegalio, author of the foreword and Director of the Pacific Business Center Program, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii System, Hawaii says, “Our understanding of how an ancient primitive culture and people define personal freedom and identity vis-a-vis family, tribal, cultural, national identity and responsibility is vital to the reconcilement of our diversity and coming to grips with our coexistence and sustainability.”

Author Fata Ariu Levi tells us, “All human migrations endure the same plight, all across the globe. Whether it's the Polynesian Navigators crossing the Pacific Ocean, or the African-American Great migration from the Southern States to the Northern States of the United States of America, or the migration from North Africa to Europe, or the immigration from South and Central America into North America, the anatomy of the psychology and sociology of how humans endure extreme physical and mental hardship remains the same. However, drawing from parallel experiences of the past can guide us through how we weave the new threads of our metaphorical, colorful, cultural tapestry.”

And Kathleen Fish, Executive Director of the Salem Multicultural Institute-World Beat, Salem, Oregon and host of the Zoom interview of Fata Ariu Levi on his book launch adds that, "Cultivating and reaffirming our multicultural diversity is a focus and priority."

Author Bio:

In a career spanning over 40 years in payments and financial services technology initiatives, Fata Ariu Levi (or Ariu Levi) is an enterprise software infrastructure platform technology entrepreneur; cofounder of several information financial services technology companies, including the largest banking wholesale payment technology platform that was listed on the NASDAQ financial market and is now privately owned by Finastra, one of the largest financial services technology companies in the world. He was in senior management at Bank of America in charge of global payments and short-term liquidity management. For the past 20 years Fata Ariu Levi has been assisting large enterprises in information technology transformation initiative implementation.

Book Information:

Navigators Quest for a Kingdom in Polynesia is now available on Amazon in e-book and paperback; soon to be available at other locations—look for it on, in Target, and wherever good books are sold.