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Matasaua dedicates new fautasi boathouse at Pago Page Park

Matāsaua boathouse

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga was on hand for the opening ceremony for the new boathouse for the Matāsaua fautasi that took place this past Friday, January 14, at the Pago Pago Park.

The original Matāsaua boathouse was located in Fagaalu Park, across from the KSBS Radio Station.

Former captain HTC Malaepule Moliga and HTC Malemo Tausaga hosted the opening ceremony and thanked the Administration for their unwavering support. 

Governor Lemanu remarked during the ceremony that “the fautasi race is a long-standing, time-honored tradition that has been put on display for over 100 years to help commemorate the Annual American Samoa Flag Day celebrations. We are excited for the Matāsaua and her crew to enjoy a new home here at Pago Park, where all the other fautasi are housed and maintained.”