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Monsoonal trough remaining active around American Samoa through January

National Weather Service graphic
Source: National Weather Service American Samoa
REMINDER: American Samoa, we are in the middle of Tropical Cyclone Season (Nov through April).

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A monsoonal trough has set up in its seasonal position across the region. This trough is active, sweeping back and forth across the islands through the end of the month. This active pattern will help generate occasional periods of extremely heavy rainfall, along with extended periods of gusty to strong winds.

Typical Tropical Cyclone Impacts: What could develop with any developing tropical system

- Periods of Extremely Heavy Rainfall
- Extended Periods of Increased Gusty Winds

What to Expect & Prepare for:

- Increased risk of Rockslides & Mudslides (landslides) with heavy rain and winds.
-Deep water pooling on road surfaces.
-Increased risk of power outages.
-Downed power lines and fallen trees blocking roadways.

As always, stay tuned to NWS Pago Pago Facebook and NWS Pago Pago website( ) for the latest forecast and warnings.