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Mother files a complaint, claiming her son was assaulted by a teacher

DPS Central Station

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A woman has filed a complaint with the Department of Public Safety over the alleged assault of her 14-year old son.

The woman said her son who is a 9th grader was allegedly struck on the arm twice with a piece of wood by a teacher.

The woman did not wish to be named for fear of repercussions against her son at school.

“The incident occurred last week Thursday and regardless of what led to the [alleged] assault, the fact remains is that my son was assaulted, in school, where this type of behavior is not allowed.

“We filed a complaint the evening of the day in question with police and we have yet to hear from the DPS on the status of my complaint,” said the mother.

Samoa News made efforts to get comments from the Director of the Department of Education, Talauega Dr  Samasoni Asaeli for comments regarding the incident but there has been no response.

“When the incident happen, my son told his Counselor and I would think that they should have called us, but my son had to scramble to get a phone to contact me. That is just unacceptable.

 “I also filed a complaint with the Department of Human Social Services with the Child Protective Services, I want the government to take action against this type of behavior. Our children should not have to suffer and undergo this kind of humiliation.

“My son’s arm was bruised and swollen as a result,” she told Samoa News.

Furthermore the mother said a meeting was set up with the school principal regarding this, but when they showed up, the Vice Principal and the teacher in question were attending a function.

“It clearly shows that the assault of my son is not a priority, almost as if they are condoning these types of behavior by the teacher.”

The mother acknowledged the work of teachers is challenging but it does not give any teacher the right to “assault” a student. There are protocols in place for when students step out of line, in order to discipline the student in an appropriate manner.

 “Hitting my son with a piece of wood will not stand with me. I will not let this go until this is resolved. We don’t need teachers who don’t understand how to use appropriate methods of disciplining … assault is against the law,” she said.