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No additional fatalities reported in May 10 COVID count

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The DoH COVID Situation Report as of May 10 shows 8 new positive cases, including one from Ta’u island and no new COVID-related deaths reported by LBJ Medical Center.

Total cumulative COVID related fatalities remains at 30 while overall cumulative positives since the community spread has reached 5,938 for all of American Samoa, according to the DoH report.

Total cumulative COVID cases in Manu’a stands at 47 as of May 10.

Of the total 143 active cases, 33 of them are on Ta’u island in Manu’a with 18 at Faleasao village and 15 at Ta’u village.

This Health Department chart shows the active COVID-19 cases and the number in each village as of May 10.