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No Flag Day Fautasi final race this year, says Lt Gov

Lt Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga confirms that the Flag Day Race Committee has opted not to hold the finals for the fautasi race this year. Lemanu did not specify why the decision has come to this, but stated that this is following a meeting with Governor and all the captains.

The meeting was held at the Governor’s lounge at the stadium today. Last week, the committee disqualified Matasaua of Manu’atele; Iseula le Moana from Fagatogo and Fetu ole Afiafi, Faga’alu for not following the rules. Also at this same meeting this past Saturday, a representative from Aua’s fautasi, made suggestions to the committee, however Mauga intervened and raised his voice telling the Aua representative to leave things where they are, the decision had been made and it was final. He slapped the table and said in Samoan “aua kou ke kofokofoa mai iga a’u” (don't you dare challenge me).

Mauga further stated that the decision is final and if they change it for Aua, what about the other villages and their fautasi crew. He also noted that the fautasi committee would enforce their rules now because if not now, when will they ever enforce it.

He was referring to past races where there have been complaints against previous fautasi committees for not enforcing race rules by disqualifying those who don’t follow the rules.