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Overtime compliance and not filling locally funded jobs still in effect

Government says especially heading into some tough times!

As the Lolo Administration is preparing to start its new four-year term in office, cabinet directors have been reminded to comply with overtime policies, especially with the government heading into some tough times, and to hold off filling vacant positions that are funded with local revenues.

Part of the administration’s cost containment measures, which have been in place since January 2013, deal with overtime and directors are required to first obtain approval from the Governor’s Office and Human Resources Department before employees work overtime, which has become the subject of the US Department’s ongoing review of ASG personnel files. 

“The most important thing to remember is that with any overtime that will be accrued or become effective, you have to request permission for your people to work overtime,” Human Resources Department Director Le’i Sonny Thompson reminded directors during a recent cabinet meeting.

“I think that moving forward in this administration, we’re going to be very strict in that area,” he continued. “Our policy is, if you do not comply, you are to be disciplined... and at the same time we have to pay those individuals that you put on overtime and hopefully it will not happen again.”

“With all do respect, I’m pretty sure as we move forward in tough times, we may be even removed from our jobs for not complying with policies,” Le’i informed cabinet directors.

He also said that with the exemptions of “those emergency situations”, which the Public Safety, Public Works, Port Administration and other departments deal with, there is a form that the department is supposed to provide, — fill it out and, do not wait and don’t just put it on your desk.

“Bring it to our office, we will do the calculation and then submit it forward for the budget review and then eventually pay it as quickly as possible,” Le’i said.

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga added that the overtime policy already exists and the government is doing well in addressing the overtime issue, except for one or two departments — but he did identify those departments.

The governor also informed directors that the government is trying to hold on to vacant positions funded by local revenues and to not fill them, except for those positions funded through federal grants “and those can be filled.”

“But vacant positions under local funds, we are trying to hold on to the funds for those positions,” said Lolo.

The administration’s new four-year term commence at 12noon on Jan. 3, 2017.