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Pago Wings airline claims it has charter permit, despite dispute

Compiled by Samoa News staff

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — American Samoa airlines Pago Wings has been issued a landing permit for a chartered flight to fly from American Samoa according to Samoa Civil Aviation Minister Olo Fiti Va’ai.

This follows an article in the Samoa Observer on the recent trip from Pago Wings to Samoa, regarding the flight's legality and compliance with aviation regulations.

Olo emphasized that Pago Wings had fulfilled all requirements to obtain the landing permit, asserting that proper procedures were meticulously followed. 

Responding to queries, Olo criticized the Samoa Observer's coverage of the issue as rushed and lacking thorough investigation.

"First of all, this is exactly why I am reluctant to be interviewed by media such as that," Olo remarked, addressing the newspaper’s publication on the matter.

Regarding the chartered flight itself, Olo clarified, "It was a charter flight that received a charter permit. Remember the chartered flights from China? by Hainan Airlines, this flight operates under the same conditions."

Furthermore, Olo disclosed ongoing negotiations with the American Samoa Government to reinstate an Air Service Agreement between the two countries.