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Police Commissioner calls for a peaceful election

Commissioner of Public Safety, Save Liuato Tuitele is calling on members of the public to keep the peace on this Election Day. “When you do go and cast your vote, please keep the peace, there is no need to cause trouble as it will not end well for anyone,” says the Commissioner.

Responding to Samoa News queries, Save said police officers have been assigned to the Election Office and they will be the ones to escort the election ballot boxes today. Save also pointed out that all police officers are on standby in case of an incident — they are ready for the general election.

He further said, “So far it’s been peaceful and I hope it will stay that way up until after the election.” Save said that the Department of Public Safety is ready to keep it peaceful, adding it is “everyone’s responsibility to ensure a peaceful election.”

The Police Commissioner said, “The Police will patrol… and be on standby to make sure that everyone is safe and that [today’s] election will take a great deal of work from all the public to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.” In the meantime, he said the ballots for Manu’a voters were sent yesterday however no officer was assigned to escort the ballots. Save made it clear that a police officer will be escorting the ballots back from the polling stations in Ta’u and Ofu to Tutuila.


Save said an investigation has been launched into a fire that burned down two homes and a vehicle Sunday afternoon, in Iliili- Happy Valley.

“After the investigation then it will be determined whether it was premeditated or not and if it was purposely done, the Criminal Investigation Division will take over the investigation, but for the time being, the investigation is being conducted by the Fire fighters investigators,” he said.

According to a family member, the fire started from their old house in the back that their family was trying to tear down. The family member said they were utilizing their newly built house, which has two bedrooms, and a total of eight people reside in that house. The family member said the fire also burned their vehicle. He added it’s unclear what caused the fire but he suspects it’s from a faulty wire. According to the family member, since the fire, their family has received support and assistance from Red Cross, Rep Vui Florence Vaili Saulo, Samuel Meleisea and their Lam Yuen Family.