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RobotLAB receives “Bestie” award for education via partnership with AS-DOE

RobotLab partners with the Am Samoa Department of Education
Source: Business Wire press release

Dallas, TEXAS — RobotLab, an award-winning robotics integrator that delivers technological innovations and solutions for educators and business owners across the globe, has earned ‘Best Partnership’ in EdTech Chronicle’s 2023 Best in Education Awards for its transformative partnership with the American Samoa Department of Education.

The inaugural “Bestie” Awards recognize people and partnerships that improve education technology access and learning across the globe.

“As technology evolves and the workforce changes along with it, it is of the utmost importance that future generations are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to not only adapt to new technology, but use it to change the world around them,” said Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB.

“Being recognized as EdTech Chronicle’s Best Partnership is an honor, especially as our team has worked closely with the American Samoa Department of Education to curate specific technologies that will support the nation’s students’ needs and the district’s shift toward STEM-focused education.”

Following robust program development, on-location training and implementation, RobotLAB’s STEM programs were officially introduced to American Samoa’s public schools in early 2024.

Each program was tailored by RobotLAB’s skilled roboticists and education specialists for various grade levels, ensuring teachers have the appropriate robots and lesson plans for their students.

The programs, enclosed in carts for mobility, accommodate classrooms of up to 24 students, each including three age-specific product bundles comprised of humanoid robots, virtual reality headsets and more. Mindful of inclusivity and accessibility, RobotLAB also provided robots, VR equipment, projected reality stations and lesson plans designed for special education students with varying learning needs.

“Our partnership with American Samoa has been more than a year and a half in the making, and this award comes at the perfect time, as we’ve just completed our installment of the edtech carts throughout the nation’s public schools,” said Amy George, K-12 Account Manager at RobotLAB. “We were already immensely proud of this nationwide project, which will allow every student in American Samoa to access innovative, future-forward technologies, and being recognized by EdTech Chronicles is the cherry on top!”


In October 2023 RobotLAB announced it was providing 150+ education technology carts to every public school in American Samoa as part of a landmark deal with the territory's Department of Education

RobotLAB’s partnership with the American Samoa Department of Education provided education technology solutions for all K-12 public schools in Am Samoa, including special education bundles for schools that offer autism therapy. The programs expose students to age-appropriate technology and encourage a mastery of computer science, artificial intelligence, automation, STEM and robotics.

RobotLAB was founded in 2007 as an education robotics integrator and has successfully maintained its status as an industry leader for more than 15 years, while also expanding its portfolio to include cleaning, delivery and customer service robots.

Known for being ‘the robot guys’ in education and beyond, RobotLAB has provided turnkey robotics and technology solutions to businesses and schools across the globe. The company’s team of roboticists has deployed more than 10,000 robots that have provided businesses and schools with successful and highly specialized robotics solutions.

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