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Rotary Club of Pago Pago donates $2500 to Shriners Travel Fund

 [photo: courtesy]

As has been their usual practice, the Rotary Club of Pago Pago donated $2,500 to the Shriners Children's Travel Fund earlier this week.

The check was presented by Rotary president John Raynar to Shriners Club member Roy JD Hall Jr. (pictured).

Since 1991, Shriners has been instrumental in sending over 800 local young people with orthopedic problems to get much needed medical assistance off island. Last year alone, Shriners helped send 34 kids off island for treatment.

The Travel Fund covers airfare and the services are free.

Just this past month, a Shriners delegation was in the territory, screening kids at the LBJ Hospital's surgical clinic. Dozens of parents took advantage of the service, bringing in kids with problems like spina bifida, club foot, aching knees etc. to get checked out.

Samoa News witnessed long lines, restless kids, and anxious parents waiting their turn to get served.

Samoa News understands the next Shriners visit to the territory will be in April 2018. The Shriners crew usually pays two visits a year to American Samoa, around April and November.