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Samoan girl from Nevada will be competing in Miss USA 2019 pageant

Miss Nevada USA 2019, Tianna Jacqlyn Nomura McMoore Timu Tuamoheloa with her proud grandparents, her parents, brothers, niece, and best friend

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Samoans worldwide are expected to tune in to this year's Miss USA pageant, as an American Samoa girl will be strutting her stuff, competing against beauties from other US states for the 2019 Miss USA title.

Tianna Jacqlyn Nomura McMoore Timu Tuamoheloa is the second eldest child and only daughter of Simi, Jr and Salamasina Nomura McMoore Timu Tuamoheloa of Iliili, Utulei and Leloaloa.

Her mom's reaction to the life changing moment when Tianna was crowned Miss Nevada USA 2019 last week? "We are so grateful for God leading Tianna’s journey, and for all the global prayers and support for her cause. Tianna has prepared for this moment since she was ten years old and… all her years of setbacks was just to set her up for God’s timetable."

According to Salamasina, her daughter "never feels like her work is finished. It’s been her lifelong mission to encourage the younger generations to step out of their own comfort zone and act out their passion until it comes to fruition, then race forward to break more barriers by never letting anyone talk you out of the desire God put in your heart."

Speaking to Samoa News from their home in Nevada, Salamasina said Tianna shied away from the Samoan culture when others made fun of how she performed the siva Samoa, or when she attempted to speak the language.

"But she always embraced her humble beginnings, knowing who she is." This, according to Tianna's mother, is "one of the reasons why she takes the pageantry anti-bullying platform to heart."

On January 6, 2019, Tianna became the first Samoan in history to ever be crowned Miss Nevada USA.

This was the day "God chose her to represent not only the state of Nevada, but American Samoa and Samoans in general, the bullied, the non-believers….and the opportunity to expand a platform of good mental health, tied in with healthy choices of fitness and nutrition on a national scale," said Salamasina. "Viia le Alii."


Tianna entered her first pageant in 2013, when she was 21 years old.

She has won three titles so far: 2014 Miss Nevada Collegiate America, 2019 Miss Silver State, and 2019 Miss Nevada USA.

The beauty queen's hobbies include singing, and playing the guitar and organ.

She is a professional model, aspiring singer/actor; and is a Top Rank Boxing promotional ring girl, who plays volleyball and football.

Her advice to young Samoans worldwide: "The world is your playground, so never let any circumstance or mindset hold you back from what God leads you to do. Wake up grateful and at the end of the day, give thanks as well; and aim for the sense of peace that you were the best version of yourself, playing out your purpose, and contributing in some way to society. It only takes one to BE the difference."

She continued, "Be kind. Be humble, and be great in honoring God, aiga, and country. Make healthy choices in actions, words, physical activity, and nutrition, and let’s enhance more awareness together for good mental health."

Tianna concluded, "Make NO EXCUSES because we all know better. Always stay strong in faith and a positive mindset, giving God all the glory always!"

Tianna's family wants to thank everyone — near and far — who made her journey possible. Locally, Tianna was sponsored by Lalelei, and Exclusive by Off Da Rock. 

"As her mom, it’s been both challenging and rewarding to witness firsthand how she genuinely cares about the human race," Salamasina told Samoa News earlier this week. "She really wears her heart on her sleeve and is always looking for ways to push the envelope to benefit others. Tianna is the first to lift up and celebrate others, and is there to comfort them too. She goes beyond job descriptions to find solutions and will lose sleep just for it. She takes responsibilities very seriously, especially with our Samoan culture, and her role in the family unit, knowing what’s expected of her. And now, as the newly crowned Miss NV USA 2019, envisioning not only the duties of Miss USA 2019 but Miss Universe 2019 too."

She concluded, "I was always harder on her with life in general, being a Samoan daughter with three brothers — but she’s a daddy’s girl though. I’m  confident that God is using her as an instrument in His plans for what’s to come, whether it’s through the pageant world, or not. We can’t wait to see how much more her story will entail, with all the different hats she proudly wears for others."

Tianna's family's parting words: "Samoa Atoa: Let's go to MISS USA!"