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“Shipyard is in business” says Shipyard Boss

Shipyard Service Authority chief executive officer Carlos Sanchez

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — During a cabinet meeting two weeks ago, Shipyard Service Authority chief executive officer Carlos Sanchez informed cabinet members that the “shipyard is in business” and “I’m inviting all of the directors to help us out, give us those jobs.”

Sanchez pointed out that the shipyard crew can do welding, painting — including painting any building and also does diving.

“We are going outside the box. We are one group of mean, lean, doers. If you need any job done, we are in business,” said Sanchez, adding that he will await cabinet members’ requests and “we will do the job.

In response, Gov. Lemanu Peleti Palepoi Sialega Mauga informed Sanches that “we will work with you. Let us know what the needs are, I’m very sure there’s money to help.”

“The challenge is, if it’s not in your budget, please come see us. We can always reshuffle, as long as it’s in confines of the law, I’m very sure we can come up with money to fund your projects,” he told cabinet members. “Again we’ll work with you Carlos and any other directors and CEOs”.

The government-owned Ronald Reagan Marine Railway shipyard in Satala came back into operation early March this year with the ASG tugboat, Sailele, on the slipway for repairs and service.

However, the shipyard — which has been down since late 2019 following an incident during repairs to the slipway — still needs more business and it has a full crew on duty.

It was not mentioned if the shipyard is also willing to do private sector jobs.