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SHS 1st time winners of JROTC air rifle annual competition

Samoana High School JROTC team

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Samoana High School JROTC team took first place during the American Samoa Multiple Schools Unit (ASMSU), JROTC Air Rifle Annual Competition held Dec. 10th at Tafuna Elementary School gymnasium.

Samoana High School received an overall score of 3,209 points.

“This is the first time Samoana High School has won this competition since I’ve been in the program for over 6 years,” said Retired U.S Army Major, Rodney M. Malauulu, director of the JROTC program, in a statement from the local Education Department posted on its website.

Second place was Fagaitua High School with an overall score of 3,115 points; 3rd place went to Tafuna High School with a score of 3,048 and 4th place was Leone High School with 2,710 points. Only four high schools took part in the competition.

The “Top Gun”, which is the cadet/ athlete with the highest overall score, was Cadet Delzalayna Ah Chong of Tafuna High School. She scored 240 points, which is the highest recorded score since the beginning of these competitions on the Island, according to the ASDOE/ JROTC statement.

The competition consisted of four, 4-cadet teams, totaling 16 competitors/athletes per team/school. And there were three firing positions — prone, standing, and kneeling positions.

Athletes/cadets fired at ten “bull’s eye” targets per position at a distance of 10 meters. The maximum amount of points an athlete could get was 300 overall, or 100 points per position.

The Samoana Student Life is a project of the Student Government Association of Samoana High School.