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Statement from Cong. Amata regarding American Samoan soldier

Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata and Gov. Lemanu
Governor’s Office issues a statement as well
Sources: Cong. Uifaatali Amata's office & Governor's Office

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata has been in contact with the Pentagon, and put the following public statement on her congressional Facebook page:

 “I am receiving inquiries regarding an American Samoan soldier. I want you to know I immediately began looking into this report the first time it was brought to my attention, and contacted the Department of Defense.

“At this time, to the best of our knowledge, this report appears to be a misunderstanding. We can be very thankful to God for this! We also must recognize that there are Americans still there in an unstable situation, there are many Americans and allies in harm’s way, including Service Members working to evacuate them. We need to pray for all of them.

“We also know there’s much the Pentagon cannot state publicly, we understand, as official policy in these cases must be the safety of their operations on behalf of our nation’s security.

“While we can be very grateful the specifics of this one report seem to be a rumor that we can put to rest for now, we know our nation has many personnel bravely trying to help people leave Afghanistan in unpredictable or dangerous circumstances.

“We will be in contact with the Department of Defense as often as needed. May God bless our Service Members in their efforts.”


The Office of the Governor wishes to clarify recent news reports in reference to a Samoan soldier captured in Afghanistan. On Wednesday Aug 20th, unverified information about this was shared in discussions held during staff daily prayer but no official statement was issued by this Office pending confirmation from official sources.

To date, the Office of the Governor has not received confirmation of such an incident occurring.  All official statements on behalf of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor continue to be thoroughly vetted and approved by the Communications Office.

The Governor and Lt Governor keep our soldiers and Toa O Samoa in thoughts and prayers as they support the ongoing evacuation missions of the US Military in Afghanistan.