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Stepbrother’s accusation allegedly sets off family brawl


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — On July 12, 2023, Fagatogo Police Headquarters received a call from a woman saying that her brother, Sangster Loia, and stepbrother, Soma Savusa were fighting at their residence in Nu’uuli.

When responding officers from Fagatogo arrived, officers from the Tafuna Police Substation (TPS) were at the scene talking with the woman who called in the altercation.

All three individuals, involved in the incident were then transported to TPS for further investigation.

In a police interview, the woman stated that Soma had accused her of sleeping with Loia at his residence beginning last year.

After being accused, the woman messaged Loia that she felt unsafe at their residence, where the three of them stay.

The alleged altercation occurred after the woman asked Loia if he could talk to Savusa regarding the accusation made against them.

Loia then walked to Savua’s residence where he stood outside the kitchen window and asked Savusa, “Why would he make such accusations?”

According to Loia, Savusa yelled back at him, “I’m not stupid, you guys are messing around.”

Loia responded, “Are you listening to yourself, she is my biological sister.”

Savusa then allegedly punched Loia in the face through the kitchen window. He then proceeded to the back door of the kitchen, and continued punching and scratching Loia in his face.

Loia tried pushing Savusa back but he continued attacking, after which Loia allegedly punched Savusa with his fist in his face, causing Savusa to fall down.

According to the police report, Savusa got back up but did not stop there and attempted to throw punches. Loia, in response, punched Savusa repeatedly, causing the defendant to fall down again. It was then that Loia walked away.

After being Mirandized, Savusa admitted that he did throw the first punch because he was mad at Loia for lying. He states that he heard them “moaning inside his mother’s master bedroom bathroom, and assumed it was them having intercourse.

Loia sustained minor abrasions and scratches to his face and refused to be treated. Savusa sustained a scratch on his jaw and also refused treatment. Savusa was transported to TCF for confinement.

Savusa is charged with one count of private peace disturbance and one count for assault in the third degree.

Bail for Savusa is set at $500.