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Su’a Alexander Jennings unanimously endorsed again for Swains rep

Rep Su’a Alexander Eli Jennings
He is calling for a vote in the Fono for his constituency

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The people of Swains unanimously endorsed Su’a Alexander Jennings as their faipule in the House for the next two years.

Su’a has been in office for 18 consecutive years.

The close to one hour meeting was held at the Election Office on Tuesday. Su’a spoke on the proposed constitutional amendments giving the Swains Rep the power to vote. He said the people of Swains are being neglected by the American Samoa Government.

 “I remember this like yesterday on July 27, 2021 the ASG received $1.4 billion from ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) and Cares Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) as a result of COVID-19 pandemic and only $3,400 that Swains was entitled to.

 “Only $3,400 and this hurt me and evident to how our people did not matter to the current government. In the last 18 years, we have been neglected and it begs the question as to why?” questioned Su’a.

 “And that is because we don’t have a vote in the Legislature. If we had a vote this would stand to benefit our people,” he said.

According to Jennings that’s what prompted his fight to get a vote for the Swains Rep that started with letters to the ASG, Department of Interior, Secretary of the Interior and then progress was made with the Constitutional Convention approving a proposed change, which would give Swains the right to vote.

 “As of now all I can say is Glory to God. I don’t know how we got the amendments into the election ballot, but it’s there and we need to be united to ensure that this amendment goes through,” he said.

There were suggestions for the amendments proposed for Swains, but Su’a said now is not the time to make such propositions, they need to be focusing on giving Swains the right to vote in the house.

The People of Swains during the meeting to select their Representative to the House for the next two years. The meeting was held on Tuesday at the Election Office. [photo: Julie Pau’u]

At the time when the Swains nominations were called, the only name that was put forwarded was Su’a and close to 50 people agreed for Su’a to be their House Rep.

Su’a told Samoa News that he is grateful the people of Swains have selected him to represent them in the Fono.

 “I am very thankful for the decision to afford me another opportunity to represent Swains Island for the next two years. 

 “All praise and glory belongs to the all mighty. This is a very important and historical year for the Swains in Island, with the Constitution Amendment #6 that will give Swains Island the right to vote after 60 years, if approved.   

 “I humbly call on Tutuila and Mania to please support Swains Island in approving Amendment #6.”