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TALOFAPass registration and full vaxing remain required for entry into territory


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Travelers to American Samoa are, for now, still required to register on the TALOFAPass websystem to enter the territory and must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated — according to Gov. Lemanu P. S. Mauga’s new COVID-19 Emergency Declaration, issued Oct. 21 and becomes effective today, Oct. 24.

However, the new declaration has an early expiration date, of Nov. 15, instead of being effective for 30-days, as in previous declarations. No information was available at press time from the Administration as to why the declaration is not in effective for 30-days as in previous ones.

The Health Department medical team has already recommended to the COVID-19 Task Force to suspend the use of TALOFAPass at the beginning of next month.

In addition to repurposing the ASG online safe travel portal of the TALOFAPass web-system, which screens people entering American Samoa, DoH recommended at last week Tuesday’s task force meeting removing the full COVID-19 vaccination mandate for travelers entering the territory.

DoH recommends the TALOFAPass be used to monitor health symptoms of travelers coming into the territory, who would upload their health declaration form and other information through the TALOFAPass traveler/ declaration system.

Two ASG officials told Samoa News over the weekend that the final decision on the DoH recommendation, in conjunction with LBJ Medical Center physicians, rests with the governor and an official announcement will be issued at the appropriate time when and if the governor makes such a decision.

For the governor’s new COVID declaration, it eliminates a previous provision in which entry into the territory is “limited to residents, family members of residents, and people traveling for business or other approved purpose.”

Kept in place, under the new declaration, is the mandate that all travelers are still required to register on TALOFAPass at least 10 days prior to entering the territory and must show proof of full vaccination if they are 5 years old or older.

Vaccination is still a requirement for entry into American Samoa for travelers 5 years and older, but exceptions may be granted for medical conditions or sincerely held religious beliefs. 

A request for vaccination exemption must be received at least 10-days before travel. To request a form for vaccine exemption, contact the Governor’s Office at — - or call (684) 633-4121.

Previous declarations outlined lengthy detailed specific separate entry requirements for crew members of air carriers and vessels entering the territory. But the new declaration consolidates and condenses down the requirements.

“Crew members of any aircraft or vessel that enters the territory are not required to register with TalofaPass unless they disembark,” the new declaration states. “No crew member may disembark an aircraft or vessel until they register on TalofaPass or the Attorney General or his designee and the Department of Health approves their entry into American Samoa.”

Kept in place as in previous declarations is that the Governor’s Authorized Representative — who is Lt. Gov. Talauega E.V Ale —  may make exceptions and authorize the entry of persons into the territory without using the online travel portal.


Other restrictions that remain in place, include that price gouging is prohibited and requests for transporting human remains to and from American Samoa must be submitted to the GAR and DoH. The request will be reviewed by DoH prior to final approval or disapproval by the GAR.

Click on attachment below to download full text of new declaration