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Tele-dermatology services available at LBJ


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Dermatologist, Dr. Toby Maurer has arrived in the territory to launch her Tele-Dermatology Services, at LBJ.

This is outlined in the hospital’s newsletter.

 “Tele-health helps ensure patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time.”

Maurer met with CEO Moefa’auo Bill Emmesly, ACMO Dr. Akapusi Ledua and provided data that can help LBJ with, as she said it’s labeled, “dermatology complaints.”

She said 10% of non-urgent, emergency room visits per year are dermatology complaints. From that number, 70% of those complaints can be taken care of in two minutes via TeleDerm, during a teletriage of the patient.

 “The other 30% may need to be seen by a dermatologist, and that is another service she can offer, as she plans on traveling to American Samoa twice a year.

 “She can use those visits to personally see the 30% that need to be seen. Maurer resides in San Francisco, California, USA.

 “It will save costs for a patient needing to fly off island for dermatology care. They discussed selecting one or two days out of the week to run a dermatology clinic via tele-health services.

 “The TIH Team Members: Chairman: ACMO Dr. Akapusi Ledua, Vice Chair Dr. Ben Siatuu, Dr. Kamlesh Kumar, Dr. Ana Jane Bontia, and Dr. Gary Bernabe.”