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THS takes first overall at the 2023- 24 Annual Secondary Speech Festival

THS speech contest winners
A 4-peat victory at “All the World’s a Stage” event

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Once again, Tafuna High School conquered as they succeeded in placing first overall for the 37th Annual Secondary Speech Festival. They are celebrating another four-peat achievement in the 2023- 24 school year — the Warriors also achieved a 4-peat victory when they won the ASHSAA 2023- 24 Varsity Football Championship last November.

This past Friday, February 23, 2024, Samoana High School hosted the 37th Annual Secondary Speech Festival themed “All the World’s a Stage”. Major sponsors for this event were ASTCA, StarKist, Carl’s Jr., McDonald's, KS Mart, and Manua’s Store.

High schools that participated are Fagaitua, Leone, Manu’a, Samoana, South Pacific Academy, and Tafuna.

Choral recitations for the 37th Annual Secondary Speech Festival were performed this year with the theme: Dark and/ or Light (May also reflect a battle between the two concepts: Dark vs Light). It’s the category that had the most participants, anywhere from 15- 30 students from each school performing together or enmasse in a 5- 10 minute piece. It’s considered by many who attend the annual event as the ‘highlight’ of the festival. THS took first place in this category with “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. [photo: CP]

Congratulations to all the participants “on stage” and supporting teams “off stage”.

OVERALL STANDINGS announced by the American Samoa Department of Education are:

1st — Tafuna High School (four-peat)

2nd —Leone High School

3rd — Samoana High School


1st — Mataiao Suluai- Samoana High School

2nd — Apelu Mann- Tafuna High School)

3rd —  Solagaliua Ames- Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School (NVTHS)

Leone High School performed “Believe in the Light” an adaptation from Genesis 1:1-3, Isaiah 60:1-3, Matthew 5:14-16, Luke 15:8-10, John 12:35-36 — taking 2nd place in the Choral Recitation Category of the 37th Annual Secondary Speech Festival, held this year at Samoana High School, last week Friday, Feb.23, 2024. [photo: CP]


1st — Michelle Lavea & Omarion Sione- Fagaitua High School, “The Hire” by Joseph Arnone

2nd — Salene Fuiava & Miracle Saili- Tafuna High School, “Little Shop of Horrors” Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman Act 1.Sc.4 & 9

3rd — Miracle Lepou and Leonia Filiaga- Samoana High School, “Antigone” by Sophocles


1st — Joshua Papu, Stevie Iakopo, Tuaato Tuaato, Muluea Ilimaleota, Prince Faaulusau, & Haylie Tuiasosopo (Intro), “Unwritten Rules” by Haylie Tuiasosopo- Tafuna High School

2nd — Falegaotipeavaeono Tunai & Joseph Lilo, “Divine Discourse: A Debate on Humanity” by Apikaila & Joseph Lilo- Leone High School

3rd — Matalasi Kim, Fiaui Malietoa, Malia Kim, Pauline Barrera, Alek West, “???” by Carlos Sanchez & Caren Pedrocha- Samoana High School

Fagaitua High School performed “Healing” by Aniyah Smith during the 37th Annual Secondary Speech Festival, Choral Recitation Category. The event was held this year at Samoana High School, last Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. [courtesy photo]


1st — Tamara Aifesili- Leone High School, Fences- “What about my life?” by August Wilson

2nd — Roseline Mataiao- NVTHS- “The Hill We Climb” by Amanda Gorman

3rd — Talae Toelupe- Fagaitua High School- “The Pohutukawa Tree” by Bruce Mason


1st —  Rose Fiame- Tafuna High School, “Sina, her white seagull, and her many brothers” by Brother Fred Henry

2nd — John Alailima-Utu- Samoana High School, The Legend of Pili - An adaptation by Albert Wendt Novel: Pouliuli

3rd — Stephanie Ava- Leone High School, “Telesa, The Creation Story” by Lani Wendt Young

Only four of the high schools competed in the Coral Recitation Category, 37th Annual Secondary Speech Festival, held this year at Samoana High School, last week Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. SHS was one of the four, but did not place. They performed a piece from Psalm 91- The Bible: King James Version. [courtesy photo]


1st — Danny Ah San, Duffy Tuilagi, & Malofo’ilela’aoletofiovani Levu, Tafuna High School- “We are what we are not” written by Danny Ah San, Iuga Asuelu, & Malofo’ilela’aoletofiovani Levu

2nd — Joanne Mose, Fuarosa Molesi, & Pitolua Sunia, Leone High School- “Restoring Cultural Values” by Joeann Mose, Fuarosa Molesi, & Pitolua Sunia

3rd — Maven O’Brien & Yasmin Gentizon, Samoana High School- Confined and Defined - Original Piece


1st — “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare- Tafuna High School

2nd — “Believe in the Light” an adaptation from Genesis 1:1-3, Isaiah 60:1-3, Matthew 5:14-16, Luke 15:8-10, John 12:35-36- Leone High School

3rd — “Healing” by Aniyah Smith- Fagaitua High School


Mataio Suluai: Samoana High School — KNEUBUHL AWARD — 3 consecutive years 1st Place in the Impromptu Speech Category

Token Of Appreciation — Dr. Dottie Aga Tuisamatatele