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USCG plane makes emergency landing at PPG after engine trouble

USCG plane on runway at ppg
Evacuation of schools that followed was not necessary, says airport mgr

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Department of Public Safety officers were called to evacuate schools when a U.S. Coast Guard plane was “experiencing” problems in air and opted for an emergency landing at the Pago Pago International Airport.

At 10a.m yesterday morning Tafuna High School, Tafuna Elementary and South Pacific Academy and government offices in the vicinity were evacuated to “safe zones”.

However, Airport Manager Tavita Fuimaono told Samoa News the evacuation was not necessary.

“We received a call from the Faleolo Tower at 9:21am that the Coast Guard C130 had problems with one of its engines (mind you there are three other operational engines) and we issued an alert level 1. We then informed the governor as per protocols, but the evacuation of offices and schools nearby was not our fault.

“It was a low level alert and we were on standby with our fire fighters on the tarmac — the C130 landed 45 minutes after we received the call,” Fuimaono said.

He further told Samoa News the Coast Guard a crew of 25 has been in the territory since Sunday and are scheduled to depart the island on January, 25.

“They are here to do an inspection of Pacific waters for illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing activities.

“I was informed the part for the engine will arrive on Thursday and so the plane is now grounded until the part arrives,” he said.

Parents of students attending South Pacific Academy were advised in an email from the school that SPA had an emergency evacuation today due to an aircraft needing an emergency landing at Pago Pago Airport.

Regarding the students that were evacuated to the baseball field, they were clear to return to school a little after 10 am.