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Young man charged with PPD after bench warrant issued for probation violation

American Samoa High Court building

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A 23-year old man from Petesa is facing charges of Private Peace Disturbance (PPD) in the District Court after an outstanding bench warrant for violation of his probation in the High Court that was issued last year December.

Solomona Siaumau appeared in the High Court earlier this month, where he was informed of the bench warrant issued against him for violation of probation. The matter was heard before Acting Associate Justice Elvis Patea.

The defendant admitted in court that he violated conditions of his probation when he failed to “ check in” with the probation office as ordered.

The Acting Associate Justice questioned Siaumau why did not visit probation office and the defendant said he was “scared”.

Patea further asked why was he scared and in response he said: “I was afraid of being locked up again, as I was using again.”

According to the Acting Associate Justice, the defendant voluntarily entered his admission of violation of the condition of his probation.

Patea put off disposition of this case until a probation report was ready. In the meantime, the defendant is facing a PPD charge in the District Court.

According to the government’s case, the defendant is accused of causing disturbance by yelling out profanities to his father on numerous occasions.

The incident occurred on February 5, 2023. 

“When we approached the scene (Solomona’s residence) in Petesa we observed suspect was walking and at the same time his dad was calling for assistance regarding his son.

“Officers were trying to place cuffs on the defendant but he constantly pushed the officers back and kept on screaming out profanity and begging his dad for a chance.

“According to the victim, his son was gone for almost three months. He returned on February 04, 2023 and apologized for all the stuff that he had done. And stated moving forward, changes will be established and he’ll work his way up for his betterment.”