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Markowitz, Trojans offensive line ‘wanted 300′

USC rushed for a season-high 296 yards last week against Cal, averaging a robust 7.4 yards per carry. The only sack against Matt Barkley came when he tripped over one of his teammates.So you’d think the line would be pretty pleased, right?Not entirely.“We were disappointed,” lineman Abe Markowitz said. “We wanted the big, round number. We wanted 300.”Well, there’s always next time. Whether the starting lineup for the Utah game includes Markowitz remains to be seen, but USC coach Lane Kiffin said the fifth-year senior is “going to play” after doing a “really good job” in his first career start.After a litany of injuries, including multiple foot fractures, Markowitz opened at left guard against the Golden Bears. He later switched to center. He had a blast.“I did my job,” Markowitz said simply. “I didn’t make a lot of mistakes. I think my preparation during the week really helped me in the game.”Markowitz spent an extra hour each night after his grad-school classes watching film. Kiffin said he walked by the offensive-line meeting room once at 10 p.m. and saw Markowitz in there by himself, studying.