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Men banished from village in Samoa after car set on fire

Two men have been banished from the village of Salelologa following an incident last week where a man from Salelavalu was beaten, stoned and had his vehicle set on fire at the Wharf.This was confirmed yesterday by the mayor for Salogā sub-village, Tiumalu Tupu. The decision followed an emergency meeting called by the Salelologa Village Council on Saturday. The incident happened on Thursday night.According to Tiumalu, the two men are from the sub-village of Sakalafai. It was not possible to get a comment from Sakalafai mayor, Pauli Laki, yesterday.Tiumalu, however, explained that their village consists of three sub-villages but when incidents like what happened on Thursday night occur, all sub villages meet. “There were only two people that were reported to the meeting and the village made their final decision to ban them from Salelologa,” Tiumalu told Samoa Observer.Tiumalu said the Village Council moved quickly to avoid any further trouble. “We were informed that the incident happened while chiefs were guarding the village curfew and the chiefs on duty that night went to see what had happened.”Tiumalu also confirmed that one of the suspects is a prisoner serving time at Tafaigata Prison, who was released on weekend parole.The Media Officer for the Ministry of Police, Maotaoalii Kaioneta Kitiona, said the Police are investigating and they are waiting for an official report. On Saturday, a Police officer in Savai’i who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed the incident.