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Dear Editor;

I would advise Department of Health director, Mr. Motusa Tuileama Lua, to stop blaming the previous administration and its DOH leaders for problems at the department (Samoa News of 2/17/2017 and 2/24/2017).  The DOH has existed long before him, and his own current effort should be worth the sacrifice of the many leaders of the past in Public Health.

It is demeaning to oneself for a person of such a capacity as the DOH director is regarded as the top health official in the territory by the deal government, WHO, and regional governments.  Habitually blaming others from within his positions’ scope of duty would only reveal the kind of person and leadership, and it seemed that Mr. Motusa has been the only director with such demeanor during the recent confirmation hearings and also during governor Lolo’s first term.

Our job, as appointed cabinet members, is to take full responsibility, work towards corrective actions, and move on.

It is important for director Motusa as a political appointee to understand that despite the politics and of which administration; ASG is our government and belongs to us all. As we come to Governor Lolo’s final four years, the Togiola administration is history in itself, and we all now support the Lolo Administration for the good of the American Samoa Government.

I thank Samoa News for deducing the director’s statement to relevant specifics as it was generally too political in motive.


Tuiasina Dr. Salamo Laumoli

Retired Chief of Dentistry, LBJ Hospital

And former DOH Director, American Samoa Government