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“On the passing of one of American Samoa’s silent heroes”

Governor Lolo M. Moliga’s Statement:

Governor’s Office: The news of High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr.’s passing was saddening but we are thankful that God has called him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven to receive his just rewards for the deeds of love, selflessness, giving and sharing which personified his life and defined the persona he projected while he was here on earth. High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr. was a true patriarch of the people of American Samoa; a distinction born out of the good that he did which positively influenced and transformed many lives. His benevolence was pervasive and did not discriminate.

High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr. was admired and envied by all because of the uncountable accomplishments and achievements attained throughout his life. He was given the distinction of having the “Midas Touch” reflective of his resounding successes in the business ventures he started and which continue today contributing to the development of our territory and transforming the lives of our people. He set entrepreneurial stands that are being emulated by young business people today. The ability of his children to successfully manage and continue companies he started provides strong testament to the business skills he mastered and shared with anyone who sought his advice.

In of his many contributions to the community through philanthropic assistance, High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr. wanted to extend his repertoire of service in the American Samoa Government. He was honored by the Village Council of Pago Pago, by it selecting him to occupy one of the Senate Seats of the Maoputasi County in the Sentate. His astuteness and clear understanding of the challenges facing American Samoa was soon felt through bills, which were considered and enacted and signed into law that bolstered the social and economic landscape of American Samoa. He served in this post for over 20 years until he aspired to serve our people and territory as Governor.

High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr. was deeply rooted in the fa’asamoa and the preservation of our culture and way of life evidenced by his acceptance of the high chief title Lealaifuaneva with the salutation of “o le Tei o le Ma’oputasi”. He religiously practiced all of our cultural rituals and customs. He certainly instilled these cultural values in his children for they too are carrying out family traditions he established for his family. His dedication to family was not restricted to only his immediate family but he made sure that services and duties to his extended family were equally met.

I am sad the Moliga family has lost one of its heroes. High Chief Lealaifuaneva had a lot to do with the position I currently hold and I will sorely miss his wisdom from which I continually sought advice and direction.

High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr. was deeply religious and a devout Catholic. Given the chance, the Catholic Leadership and Clergy will provide testimonials on his High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr. significantly impacted the growth of the Catholic Church in American Samoa. His generosity and commitment to the development of religion in the territory was confined to the Catholic Church as he donated to any religious denomination, which solicited help.

The extent of High Chief Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid, Jr.’s generosity is unfathomable and incredibly pervasive. He partnered with the American Samoa Government to improve our educational system, healthcare system, economic development prospects, youth development, and other social programs targeting the improvement of the people’s quality of life. He helped individuals, families, community organizations, non-profit organizations, village groups, and more. His modesty and his refusal of public recognition for the good he did for the people of American Samoa entitle him to be called “American Samoa’s Silent Hero”.

May you rest in peace and know that our lives have been enriched because of your generosity and kindness.

Manuia Lau Malaga