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Dear Editor,

Oct. 24, 2016 — applied for ID renewal. (expire: 11-17-2016)

Nov. 1, 2016 — Immigration Board stopped the application process.

Nov. 21, 2016 — P-5 Immigration card issued to Ms. M. Gumanab

Nov. 22, 2016 — 2:15p.m. Immigration Officer Puni summoned me to see a Mr. Ken in the Immigration Office and to bring the P5 ID that was issued to Ms. M. Gumanab.

I called the AG office inquiring the purpose of the visit. I was informed to 'disregard the summons'.

Dec. 1, 2016 — 3:45p.m. Again I’m summoned to attend a hearing by the Immigration Board at 9:00a.m. following day. To verify the office caller I asked for his name and he rudely slammed the phone down.

Dec.  2, 2016 — 8:00a.m. I was notified by AG office to disregard the summons.

To try and counter further harassment, I filed a complaint with Fagatogo, DPS 12/05/2016 .

 I am the legal sponsor and do not understand the controversy between the DIC, IB and the AG’s office on the issue of Ms. Merlie Gumanab.

I believe attempts by the CIO and IB are being made to force me to hand over Ms. Gumanab’s ID, and have her deported.

As efforts escalate despite the AG's intervention, I am feeling harassed, bullied and threatened. There is a possibility that these desperate measures will induce them to forcibly take the ID and possibly injure me or Ms. M Gumanab in the process.

We are being made to feel like fugitives trying to escape and evade the law. Our peace of mind has been taken away and Ms. Gumanab’s freedom to move about in fear that Immigration officers may forcibly kidnap her and smuggle her off island against her will. I am frustrated at every turn.

I do not understand this vicious campaign by the Chief of Immigration Office Peseta Dennis Fuimaono and members of the Executive Immigration Board — Chief of Customs Moetului, Pastor Mamea, Senator Tuia, Representative LamYuen, and business partner Ms. Fanene. They seem hell bent to continuously persecute us in this manner.

The psychological warfare attempts by these very high political figures is very distressing. I cannot help but believe this has to do with Ms. Gumanab’s allegation against a prominent member of the Immigration office on ' Sexual Human Trafficking’; and this a desperate attempt to get rid of her!

Ms. Gumanab resides legally in A.S. and is well employed and pays taxes. She has not committed any crime and is a law abiding citizen, contributing to the economy.

We are being treated as if we have no rights and are the CIO and IB's personal disobedient chattels. Is this the type of treatment we the people of American Samoa are to tolerate from political appointee ingrates who believe they are above or they are the law?

These people are Gov. Lolo's appointees and are entrusted to uphold the law and integrity of his administration. They are: a member of the clergy, Senate, House of Representative, business partners.

How shameful and ridiculous that I am forced to seek assistance from the Dept. of Public Safety to look into these powerful offices for their unethical, threatening and unprofessional behavior. Or must I seek a restraining court order for them to cease their badgering?

With these kinds of people in office, where do we the common/ local people of American Samoa go for protection and answers to address these deplorable behaviors and violations of our rights by the government, i.e.  ASG.

Ipu Avegalio Lefiti