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Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the Appointment of the Independent Prosecutor — 7/28/2017 — It is our hope that the Independent Prosecutor Mr. David Vargas will consider the entire scenario of the law-breaking acts committed against the victims.

The victim accused Chief of Staff, Fiu J. Saelua of sexual abuse. Fleeing from the only home she knew of, the victim and her family went to seek refuge and protection. They found shelter with a compassionate family.

As an automatic political alien/ refugee, the situation turned bad and gained notoriety. The victim was allegedly:

1          Assaulted by Fiu's daughter in front of the family and helpless husband.

2          Victim and spouse were lured from the under the protection of their shelter with falsified/ forged documents brought by uniformed Immigration officers.

 3         Sponsor termination documents allegedly signed by their sponsor who also works for the Attorney General’s Office were being used to detain the couple. It was a false declaration.

4          Victim and spouse were forcibly abducted against their will and ID's were confiscated.

5          They were driven by Immigration Officers to the wharf and were being forced to get on the boat scheduled to depart for Apia.

6          Immigration Officer Sam Soliai Fuimaono who was on duty on the wharf, prevented them from embarking due to lack of; traveling tickets/ papers, no Identification documents and no certified 'Order of Deportation' document signed by the Immigration Board was presented.

Mr. Sam Soliai Fuimaono's diligence averted another disaster.

The victim’s 3-year-old and 7-year-old sons would have been abandoned in Leone without parents if the couple were successfully deported. Or the couple could have been accused of abandoning their children because there would be no proof of deportation.

These are some powerful offices that are directly involved with this sexually abused victim. My question is are the Chief of Staff and Chief of Immigration working in collusion to strong-arm the victim and her husband to silence her cry for help. 

Only powerful persons in the Governor’s staff can have that kind of authority to move and commit multiple illegal acts against a citizen with impunity. Power to randomly force others to break the law as instructed. Powerful enough to shut all doors that are purpose is to provide protection, safety, sanction, assistance and relief to the people in American Samoa.

Names of all the people involved from within the Immigration office are included in the police investigation report. All except the key witness which was later furnished by us to the AG Criminal Prosecutor Mr. Bigelow.

It is our hope, that this case will not be treated as an isolated one, focused only on the sexual and domestic issue. But to pull in and expose the full measure of what was committed by high placed government officials who conspired to conceal their criminal acts and escape the arm of justice.

Ipu Avegalio Lefiti

Victim Advocate