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Dear Editor, 

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a former Representative of Tualauta District that has worked hard to address this very issue of flooding, I do not appreciate the reference to the murky, dirty and disgusting flood waters in front of the LDS Ottoville Stake Center being called the "MORMON LAKE" in your article in today's issue of the Samoa News March 16, 2017.

It is irresponsible and very offensive to me as a member of the church to have this pool of disgusting water that has been caused by poor engineering and even worse maintenance be associated with the church's location being referred to as a Mormon Lake, as if it was the church's fault it is there to begin with.

I call for an apology to the church leadership and its members for this offensive reference and expect more responsibility in your reporting language. I am a huge supporter of the Samoa News and am grateful for its continued service to the community and our people but when a reference that directly offends the church's image, a name or nickname that is alienated and isolates the location of the church to this pool of dirty water, I am very offended and so should many of the church members that attend services there.

Please, refrain from using this reference in future stories and am very grateful to the Governor, Public Works and for all the hard-work of Representatives of the past and present who have tried to get this issue resolved.

It’s about time this issue is addressed but I wanted to voice my disappointment for the use of the name "Mormon Lake" to reference this dirty and disgusting water in today’s Samoa News coverage!

With respect,

Tapu Galu Satele