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Dear Editor:

Our present administration was elected on a" People First" platform but that was put on a backburner while they're agenda seemed to change to hiring as many voters as they possibly could including their political opponents to secure this election. To gain control of the Retirement Fund and to open their own bank.

Now, with 4 month's left before the election, poof, "People First" again. Traffic markings, which were completely ignored for three and a half years are being painted everywhere, guard rails, ignored and rusting being replaced, ER renovations, etc. Amazing politics, we are finally back in the "people first" mode!

While the Administration is in their new mode why can't they consider repealing the freeze put on our tax system. For the last sixteen years each taxpayer has been cheated out of thousands of dollars in lost tax credits and what does the government have to show for it? Nothing but more hires and huge salary increases!

Could they consider cleaning up the political cesspool called LBJ? Years ago a local management group was put in charge and only managed to run out every U.S. qualified physician and technician and put the hospital ten million dollars in debt. This administration brought them back and what has happen? They ran out every U.S. qualified physician and technician and were ten million dollars in debt again.

Could they consider telling ASTICA to give the people a new phone directory? The present one is ten years old and obsolete!

Lastly, for now, guarantee that no child will be without a chair and desk when the next school term begins, no more sitting on the cold concrete floors.

Remember. People First....

Jim Brittle