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Dear Editor,

Faafetai (Thank You) — and congratulations to the Governor of American Samoa for his immediate response to the food safety of American Samoa.

His decision to ban the sales of vegetables, papaya, etc. to the school lunch and to all vendors in American Samoa is an act of LOVE and CARE for his people. For the Governor to ACT within a week of the elections proved him to be a real leader by putting his love for his people first before election & politics.

The safety and security of the local produce in American Samoa is a serious threat to the health of the school children and the general public. The farming systems practiced by the Asians in America Samoa are toxic and illegal in numerous ways with serious health and environmental repercussions.

The evidence collected, filmed and photographed from these farms are beyond toxic, filthy, serious health concerns, etc. but these Asian farmers just laughed. When asked, what the chemicals were, all of them in every farm would just say “No English”. It is an organized crime.

The sad thing is that the majority if not all the Samoans who are real or pretend to be sponsors and land owners might not know that they have been scammed by these people. When these people disappear, their land will be so toxic that their children and all their future generations will have great health risks living on these lands and the land will be so toxic for farming. You have been scammed by letting these people lease your land and use poison non EPA registered chemicals, etc. to poison your land, your environment, your water supply, etc.

The rent that you've collected is worthless to the lives of our people and future generations of American Samoa. The amount of nitrate leaching into the soil and to the ground water is so huge that I commend the Governor’s decision, Thank You! American Samoa’s only water source, the Ground water, which we use for cooking, showers, laundry, etc. is a serious threat. The head of ASPA said, “We found high levels of nitrates in the coral of American Samoa but we didn’t know the source.”

Wake up American Samoa, we do not need these illegal farmers here with illegal farming methods. 

These people have already destroyed their own environment where they come from, and now they are here in our paradise, the place we call home, and they are poisoning our food supply, our ground water, our soil, our air, etc.

Not very long ago, farmers in China added toxic supplements into the milk consumed by children to falsify the increase of protein levels in the milk, which killed many young children in China. Please, DO NOT put monetary values before food safety and the lives of our children, their children, and future generations and our beautiful environment.

American Samoa is rated the number one cleanest air in the world, we must be proud and save our environment.

There is a ban to sell all local vegetables in the school lunch program, all stores, markets, restaurants, and roadside stalls. But I just drove by with a friend at 12p.m., Nov 5, 2016, and witnessed Asian Farmers are now pushing wheel barrows with their toxic vegetables to local families in the villages for sale. 

O le alofa faasamoa sometimes e faavalevalea, so do not purchase these vegetables and report these people to the authorities.

Have a great rest of the week.

Arona Palamo