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"The Conversation" is Working!

Conversationalists in American Samoa, I am just blown away by the response that has rippled through the community in direct response to our first Conversation here. In less than 21 days, positive changes that should help all involved have already occurred. Friday, June 30th marks the day when "The Conversation" column officially launched. Happy 3-week anniversary everyone!

I don't believe any of the positive results could have been reached so quickly had it not been through the combined efforts of the team at Samoa News, and those of you in the community who have embraced both the column and the information shared here. 

Samoa News and I believed that there needed to be a fresh public forum to discuss pressing issues, and we're glad that you the people agree.

Specifically the types of issues discussed here will be those that not only affect many of us here on island now but especially those issues affecting those who will continue carrying either the blessings or the burdens that come as an outgrowth of decisions made in this present time.

I'm so glad to know that the people of American Samoa have responded the way they have. A coming together in recognition of the fact that if they are unhappy with the way a matter is handled, that much can be done by having an open discussion and allowing people's moral compass to guide the end result.

Always remember, none of us individually is smarter than all of us together. Teamwork will make the dream work. So let's dream and work together to bring those dreams to reality!

Without the community coming together and addressing issues that significantly impact our lives, there can be no hope for achieving the best in life for those we care about most. There is so much we can share here together in this amazing and beautiful place God has blessed us to enjoy!

Monday will be a day that Lord willing the current issue of the OMV will have some more clarification, as well as discussion about what the public sees as the next set of pressing issues facing us here.

Will it be the upcoming tax increases combined with a whole slew of fees facing business owners and private citizens? The educational system challenges for our youth? Matters of family?

This is after all your Conversation. Let's hear what you have to say! Email me, make a comment here or take part in the poll in the left column of the Home Page.

See you on Monday!