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Dear Editor,

For bus drivers and taxi drivers, driving is their whole livelihood. As a person who relies heavily on public transportation I'm asking myself, “Where are all the buses?" There used to be lots of buses but now it takes me forever to get from point A to point B. In asking around to get answers to my question I am told that if a bus driver or taxi driver gets three tickets, their license gets taken away. WHAT THE HECK?

1)        If you drive all day, everyday, you're bound to get 3 tickets — They need to change that rule. Change it to: if you get three tickets you have to pay a fine and complete a driver's class program or something. But don't take away their license.

2)        Some bus drivers have gotten tickets for supposedly pulling over in an unsafe area — Ahhh, hello! That's how it's been forever. You wave down a bus and they pull over. You can't give someone a ticket for a practice that's been that way forever. Give them a warning or something. Anyways, look at our roads. It's all unsafe, narrow and no marked bus stops in the first place.

3)        This affects us who rely on Public Transportation.

4)        We don't even have a Dept of Transportation so our system is what it is. Let's help the situation instead of taking people's livelihood away from them.

Mona Uli