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Dear Editor,

'TS' Gita, is by far, the best thing that has happened, during & since the Lolo & Lemanu administration came into existence.

How so, you might ask?

1st & foremost, this unfortunate event, Gita, requires a rapid & quick "Wake up" call to respond, in order to better protect & shield us from harm’s way & other future disasters — be it big or small in nature, or short & long term in gravity.

It is imperative that all 3 branches of our local government — must & should, revisit and redefine our standard protocols, proper procedures, & basic fundamentals, as mandated. Is there even any in place as we speak?

Moreover, there is no room to politicize, or even propagandize what needs to be said.

Before the arrival of Gita, our level of readiness was @ a mere sub-par stage & dismal as well.

Furthermore, preparations beforehand, were @ best – insufficient & inadequate, e.g. means of communications; manpower & resources; precision & accuracy of info being disseminated, to say the least.

Let us all seek the Holy Spirit's guidance & leadership, along with it's transforming work in us, to find creative solutions, using our present circumstances, to better prepare us for the foreseeable future.

And while we are at it, fa'amole2, "no finger- pointing (tau le pua ma lafo), muimui & tau fa'a leaga (blame game tactics)… Instead, ia tatou apa i mea lelei (aua, e fai aso pea le Ali'i ).

Finally, I truly believe, that if we unite together — "One voice, team & body", the end result will be favorable, with unlimited wealth & an abundance of blessings, Lord willing.

May da grace of GOD be with you all, now more than ever!!

"Tagaloa" Andrew Ernest Thompson

(Auauna vaivai; a sinner; a friend in Christ)

Former USMC (veteran), Samoana HS Alumni Association President