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To the lead physician(s) and Task Force who are to be blamed:

THE HUNDREDS, YES, count them, HUNDREDS, of American Samoa residents are stranded across America imploring their government Not to Open Borders, but only for safe repatriation back home, as well as allow U.S. residents stuck on island to return back to America.

Also  medically refer the many LBJ patients that desperately need to be sent off island for treatment.

The delayed action and response to address and mitigate these issues has created a local pandemic in itself.

So who is to be blamed for the prolonged suffering of ALL your people?

You, the lead physician(s) and Task Force are to be blamed.

 Your complacency, lack of good judgment, ill advice, non preparedness, cowardice,  lack of empathy, excuse after excuse and delayed action has provoked these suffering to our people.

And Ultimately, You, Governor Lolo M. Moliga, for it is under your watch...And ALL the people of American Samoa are under your authority and care.

If we may be so bold as to re-suggest the idea of staggered flights with a weeks notice given for the first group of 139  passengers (allowed by HA) to meet in Honolulu (time, place and address) for pre-testing and a 10-14 day quarantine period at a facility with enough rooms to house the 1st group.

Wearing mask, sanitizers and social distancing strictly encouraged. Absolutely no outside contacts permitted with family, friends, visitors, etc., after pre-tests.. No exceptions.

Upon completion of quarantine, directly transport all passengers to airport, check in, TSA clearance, gate check-in and boarding. Any person not meeting health requirements for travel will be removed from the ‘OK to travel’ list until further notice. Upon arrival into Pago Pago, the DOH and TF will implement their safety measures followed by baggage claim, direct transport to quarantine facility for 14(-/+) days. 

The hiccup would be to contract medical experts and staff to manage the plan in Hawaii. American Samoa is a member of PIHOA which is an effective group to collaborate with on assistance. Of course pretesting, quarantine accommodations, medical staff, transportations and other approved expenses would be covered by ASG CaresAct monies, starting from the pre-testing site prior to entering quarantine in Honolulu and ending in American Samoa after required quarantine period and residents are released to go home.

These inbound flights to Pago Pago could return U.S. residents that have been stuck on island. These composition of ideas and suggestions were made by TTFAAS which can be explored and expounded on.

Repeat the procedure for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th group(s) every 3 weeks or less, until all of our residents have safely returned to American Samoa. Or, hopefully ASG has had time to perfect a better plan by now.

Come on, its going on 7 months. I suppose the other hiccup would be how the passengers are selected for each group. That will fall on ASG too. Another interesting note would be that the repatriated residents would be the healthiest group on island because of all the COVID-19 testing.

Governor we implore you to act now to Not Open Borders, but only to safely repatriate your stranded people across America back home; enable the serious off-island referral patients to seek medical attention off-island; and return the U.S. residents back to America.

It is no longer just a need, It is a matter of Life, Death, Sanity, Wellbeing & Survival for All.



Best Regards,