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Thank you to the nation’s Purple Heart veterans

Amata with three-time Purple Heart recipient Fanuatanu Mamea
Source: Office of the Congresswoman

Washington, D.C. — “Every August 7th the nation observes Purple Heart Day – a time to say ‘thank you’ or remember specifically our Veterans and Service Members, past and present, who have earned a Purple Heart Medal.

“Today, I had the opportunity to call three-time Purple Heart recipient Fanuatanu Mamea to thank him for his service, and in doing so, honor all our Purple Heart recipients. He served in Vietnam, injured on three separate occasions, including his service in a helicopter and aerial scouting,” said Congresswoman Aumua Amata.

“It was General George Washington who created the Purple Heart Medal to specially recognize very select service to the country, as it is only awarded to those who are wounded or killed in the cause of freedom in the uniform of a branch of our nation’s Armed Forces. This tradition has gone on for more than two centuries since the War for Independence.

“Congress takes seriously the national commitments to our veterans and all those serving currently. We have more work to do! But I’m encouraged that VA reforms are ongoing, and the MISSION Act reforms continue to be implemented.

“In the meantime, the Veterans’ Affairs Committee is conducting oversight of these extensive efforts, and President Trump has proposed the largest budget for veterans’ services ever. These funds would continue the effort to modernize the VA’s operations, electronic-record keeping and access to services.

“Today, Purple Heart Day, is another great day to thank a veteran, or simply take time to think of our loved ones who serve or served.”