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Pualele holds LBJ forum to help solve problems

The ‘Pualele’ Organization held a forum yesterday afternoon at the malae in Fagagtogo for the public to discuss and figure out ways of help solve the fee hikes that will take place at the LBJ Tropical Medical Center this coming Christmas Eve.

“This forum today is not a political forum, this is where we come together as a community, to share our positive suggestions… with the hope it will assist us in building constructive solutions,” said head of the Pualele Organization, Lina Prendergast. “We are also happy to hear that LBJ is considering postponing the hike, which is a wonderful gift.”

“In the case of situations that do come up like this, we can all pitch in and we can contribute something to our health care. With all of the satisfaction and all of our laws and statutes that are interpreted by the court, that we all understand what the situation is to our relationship free health care,” she said.