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Pig terrorizes village in Samoa

Man with legs bandaged from pig attack
Source: Samoa Observer

Apia, SAMOA — In a bizarre and horrific incident that happened two weeks ago, a pig attacked three men who received serious injuries needing hospitalization and terrorized a village on the outskirts of Apia.

The incident has left many in the village claiming that the pig was possessed and rumours of superstition have become rife within the village.

The incident is the talk of the village of Laulii. Coincidentally all the men who were attacked by the pig are from one family.

Some of the villagers who witnessed the incident say the pig was so big that it chased after village men and quickly shrunk when it was put down after midnight. 

Since the bizarre incident, the people of Laulii said most people have avoided being outdoors late at night, especially the youth. 

Filipo Sosaiete, 32-year-old of Laulii was the first person attacked by the pig, he spoke of how he thought he would not live to see the next day. 

His cousin was also attacked shortly after him and sustained injuries to his chest. 

Sosaiete’s uncle was the third person who was attacked not far from his house and got injured on his shoulders and thigh. 

"I was lying in the hospital and next to me was my cousin and further down was my uncle all from the same incident," he said. 

But Sosaiete was the one who has been hospitalised since the incident with serious injuries to his lower body particularly his genitals and legs. 

“I touched the pig’s ears and it jumped towards me and started bulldozing me,” Sosaiete told the Samoa Observer of what he faintly remembers.

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