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PNA’s World Tuna Day

[photo: PNA]

The winning entry in this year’s World Tuna Day art competition is Lloyd Newton from the Solomon Islands. He describes his work as a visualization of what Tuna think about people. “If you put yourself in the mind of the Tuna, this is how we people should behave towards preserving our Tuna fish.”

“People represent the Islanders, the Tuna eyes represents how we people should think about our Tuna. A hook represents the management style of fishing. Those that catch in the net represent careless fishing management style. By doing so, one string fishing will help conserve our tuna for our future generation,” Newton explained.

Since 2012, PNA has run the World Tuna Day Art and Talent Quest to profile the unique relationship the people of its member countries have with tuna, and its diverse artistic and cultural heritage. Yesterday, May 2, was World Tuna Day.