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Samoa police seize drugs and cash

Samoa Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo
Sources: SPPCS press release & Samoa Observer

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A drug raid at a local business in Samoa netted meth, marijuana and over $10,000 in cash.

According to a statement published by the ministry of police, the raid at Le Tafa'ifoe taxi stand and rental company in Moata'a, Samoa was carried out on Saturday and was a continuation of previous raids. 

Samoa Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo confirmed that out of the six that were taken in by police on Saturday night, five have been charged with possession of narcotics and one was released on Sunday afternoon as there was not enough evidence to detain him. 

Auapa'au also confirmed that police have been targeting the local business at Moata'a for quite some time now and he said that a raid in Puipa'a the previous Tuesday confirmed the suspicions they had of drug-related activities at Tafa'ifoe. 

He revealed that police netted over 50 grams of meth from the raid on Saturday night. One of the men charged by police is a deportee and has a history of being involved in illicit drugs cases before.

The police were able to seize the drugs and money from the properties at the Tafa'ifoe on Saturday night from the family's shop, cars and relatives. 

The six men that were arrested and taken in for questioning by armed police officers. 

It is believed that one of the six men who was arrested by on Saturday night has been under police's radar for quite some time. 

The Samoa Observer reported that villagers who stood by as police executed the raid on Saturday night said they have suspected drug-related activity at the taxi stand for quite some time. 

Another villager said the family also owns a pool table and is a popular hangout place for youths and school drop-outs from around the area. 


Last week police executed a successful raid in Puipa'a on Tuesday afternoon where they detained ten men and a woman who have all been charged. 

The drug bust at Puipa’a found drugs' street valued at SAT$50,000 with methamphetamine (meth) together with ammunition discovered at the family home in Puipa'a.  

Over 10 Police vehicles as well as officers, some of them armed, converged on the private property in Puipa’a. Women and children were seen at the family home when the raid was executed.

A statement issued by the police on Wednesday confirmed the operation netted a substantial quantity of meth and ammunition with the drugs estimated to have a street value of SAT$50,000. The Police also seized cash and jewelry, which was valued at SAT$23,000.

“It is important to note that the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services (SPPCS) is diligently carrying out its duties to ensure the safety and security of the community,” the statement read. 

“The successful execution of this raid at Puipaa demonstrates SPPCS' commitment to combating the distribution of illicit drugs and the possession of dangerous weapons.”

According to a local resident, there have been many reports that alleged drug-related activities at the house that was the target of the raid.