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Samoa welcomes 4 sets of twins in first week of 2022

Twin babies in Samoa
Source: Samoa Global News

Apia, SAMOA — Samoa has been blessed with four sets of twins within the first week of 2022, all delivered at the maternity ward of the Motootua National hospital between the 2nd and 6th of January.

Samoa’s first set of twins for 2022 were born on Sunday, 2nd January, to parents Jacinta and Pauleono Tanuvasa Lamositele. Both baby girls and mom are doing well.

Two more mothers gave birth to twins on Monday 3rd January, delivered by emergency caesarean section. All four sets of twins were received by Registered Nurse and Senior Registered Midwife, Tiara Tuulua.

“I delivered Samoa’s firstborn twins just after 1am on Sunday morning, and our fourth set of twins were delivered without any complications last night, Thursday 7th Jan,” said RM Tuulua, “However, the other two moms also expecting twins were referred to be delivered by emergency c-section on Monday afternoon”.

“The two sets of twins delivered by c-section as well as their moms, recovered well and were all discharged within three days,” adds RM Tuulua.

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