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Samoa witness in hit-and-run case seeks refuge amid threats

Samuelu Su’a,
Source: BNN News

Apia, SAMOA — Samuelu Su’a, a police informant and eyewitness in a hit-and-run case faces threats from fellow inmates at Tanumalala prison in Samoa. In response, District Court Judge Leota Raymond Shuster has ordered a secure, self-contained cell for him. This comes as part of a string of events painting a picture of a nation grappling with issues across multiple social and political fronts.

The tranquility of Tanumalala prison in Samoa was disrupted as Samuelu Su’a, an eyewitness in an unsolved hit-and-run case, faced imminent threats from fellow inmates. District Court Judge Leota Raymond Shuster, in response to the imminent threat to Su’a's life, has issued an order for a secure, self-contained cell for him in the prison. This decision was reached after Su’a's legal counsel informed the court of the precarious situation.

Samuelu Su’a's unique predicament originates from his role as a police informant. His testimonies have played a crucial role in incarcerating several inmates who, in turn, have now issued threats against him. As a precautionary measure, the Prosecutor suggested a self-contained isolation cell for Samuelu, a suggestion that the court has temporarily enforced.

The situation is expected to evolve as both Samuelu and his wife are slated for a court appearance next week for their bail application hearing. This hearing may determine whether Samuelu continues to reside in the Tanumalala prison or if his bail plea will bring him temporary respite from the threats within the prison walls.