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Samoa’s top cop says drugs not on the rise

drug evidence
Source: Samoa Observer

Apia, SAMOA — The Minister of Police Faualo Harry Schuster says statistics on hard drugs show it is not increasing but the street value of ice has doubled over the years rejecting the possibility it is manufactured locally.

For the first time, the statistics from the Ministry of Police on their drug raids was revealed by the minister in Parliament this week. 

During the Government's response to the supplementary budget debate, Faualo said there were eight raids in 2022 where a total of 11.32 grams of ice was confiscated, seven marijuana plants, 23 branches and 11 seedlings. 

In 2023 there 13 raids and 72.10 grams of ice were seized by Police, 1452 plants of marijuana, 115 branches, and 1814 seedlings. 

There was one raid at the beginning of 2024 and only 0.04 grams of ice was confiscated, 28 branches of marijuana, and 140 seedlings. 

Overall, Faualo said statistics on ice show it hasn’t gone up noting growing concerns about the problem. 

He made the comparison that 0.04 grams of ice can be compared to the size of a fingernail and the quantity had a street value of $100 tala but has gone up to $200 tala. 

The Minister said given the data collected by the Police shows hard drugs are not on the rise and believe it is being imported as opposed to being manufactured locally. 

The majority of the Members of Parliament (MP) raised concerns about the growing number of drug offenders in the country during the budget debate suggesting village councils to assist in curbing the issue. 

The Deputy Leader, Lauofo Fonotoe Pierre noted the statistics from the police. He said there is a concern about what the country is facing.

 He added there are reports of children being runners to sell the drug and the main reason behind activities is money.

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