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Social media reports of coronavirus death in Samoa are unfounded

Samoa Ministry of Health logo
Source: Samoa Govt. Press Secretariat media release

Apia, SAMOA — The official cause of death to a male reported Saturday 15th August 2020 at the Leulumoega District Hospital is subject to an official Coroner’s Report contrary to claims posted on Social Media that the COVID19 virus is the confirmed cause of death, clarified the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The deceased collapsed at home and rushed to hospital where he was proclaimed Dead on Arrival.

Based on review into the deceased medical records, he did not have a severe medical condition or history and had a clean bill of health. And statements from family and relatives confirm that he was fit and healthy since his release from Quarantine.

Family members also attest that he had no sign of illness and had attended to his usual day to day routines which include going to the plantation etc., a week leading up to last Saturday.

He had completed his 14 day mandatory quarantine requirement on 31st July 2020 after he was tested negative for COVID 19 before he was allowed to go home. For the public’s information, as prescribed by the COVID19 Response Plan implemented by MoH, it is compulsory for all repatriated residents to be tested negative after their Quarantine Period before they are released.

The local test is on top of the mandatory medical requirements which are compulsory for returning residents to meet without exemption before they can board a flight home. Among those requirements include a Negative COVID19 test result issued three days before arrival in Samoa.

As part of the COVID 19 Response Plan, MoH is implementing all the necessary and precautionary measures taking into account that the deceased was recently repatriated from overseas.

MoH would like to reassure the public that they will be duly informed on any developments.

August 16, 2020