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Samoa signs with Clinton Foundation

Samoa and the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow them to work towards replacing diesel with clean energy in Samoa.Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi and the Chairman of the CCI’s Clean Energy Initiative, Ira C. Magaziner, signed the memorandum during the Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland, New Zealand.The agreement highlights Samoa’s commitment to develop a clean energy future that will decrease reliance on imported fossil fuel and reduce the cost of electricity for households and businesses. It also demonstrates the country’s willingness to play a leading role in efforts to combat climate change. CCI sees significant value in establishing a working model for island nations to transition from fossil fuel based to low carbon economies, and believes that Samoa can play a leading role in developing that model.CCI recognises that, despite contributing very little to global greenhouse gas emissions, island nations such as Samoa are likely to suffer a disproportionate share of the consequences of climate change, including higher sea levels, more powerful tropical cyclones and warmer, more acidic seawater. CCI partners with island governments in the design and implementation of projects and policies that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the reduced use of fossil fuel, addressing the root cause of these climate change impacts.Samoa and CCI recognise the extensive opportunities for island nations to reduce use of diesel fuel in an environmentally sound, financially sustainable and socially acceptable manner.