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Samoan minister says curfew long overdue

A Samoan minister whose church in Apia was damaged by young rioters says an agreement to discipline them has been long overdue.A curfew of 11pm to 6am seven days a week is now being enforced on youth by village chiefs from Apia and Matautu Village following rioting between two opposing groups in July.The youths left a trail of damage to buildings including the Apia Protestant Church which suffered broken stained glass windows.The Reverend Nuuausala Siaosi Si’utaia says efforts to resolve the matter has been long overdue. “It should have been done way back maybe after the incident that happened. But also I think on the other hand it’s good when they’ve settled down their emotions and so on in what happened, to the point where they can all sit down and talk among themselves and reconcile and forgive one another.”Reverend Nuuausala says the curfew is a positive step and hopes it can be sustained in the long term.