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Dodgers are Champions of the 1st Babe Ruth League of Am Samoa Cal Ripken Summer 2023 Minor Division

The Dodgers

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA —  During the Championship match up between the Dodgers and the Pago Eagles this past Wednesday the Dodgers collected their first championship title during the 1st Babe Ruth League of American Samoa Cal Ripken Summer 2023 for the Minor Division.

According to Cynthia Nomura of the Dodgers, “Jedi’s pitches were focused and fierce. We had several hits into the out field, Jedi caught a foul ball and immediately after one of our players Edward in the out field caught a pop fly. Our catcher Lulu hit a clean home- run and brought in 2 others.

“We had many successful steals, with a few that didn’t work out, but were full of effort. Eagles kept things tense and all the kids performed well. After an undefeated season Dodgers are the champions and took a well-deserved victory lap. And beautiful banners were waving in the wind made by Dodgers team moms who were with the coaches supporting the kids every step of the way.”

To close off the Babe Ruth League of American Samoa – The Dodgers collected the leagues first championship title after a 6 - 3 victory.