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Nine competitors vying for win in Sau Ia Bodybuilding Championship

A total of nine competitors will vie for the Sau Ia Championship tonight at the Lee Auditorium, and the winner will earn a slot to represent American Samoa at the well-known Ikaika Bodybuilding Competition in Hawai’i.

The newly established Sau Ia! Bodybuilding Inc. is organized exclusively to promote bodybuilding as an amateur sport, said President of the Sau Ia Body Building Club, local businessman Peter Reid III and Vice President Sala McMoore.

Among the nine, there are two high school students, both from Tafuna High School and both 17 years old; they are Abel Lilomaiava of Fagaima and Alex Kaisala of Nu’uuli.

The seven other participants include Aunese Tauinaola of Aua, who is currently employed at Sight & Sound; Jonah Toafa 19, of Tafuna, who is currently enrolled at Orange East Coast College; Keneti Sionesini who’s 27 years of age and Noa Peter Leloyd, 18, both also from Tafuna; Rodman Vagana from Aoloau; Silia Snow, 22, of Ili’ili; and James Aulava of Lauli’i and Nu’uuli, who is being sponsored by Off the Rock Tattoos. Aulava’s coach is Javen Aulava.

Sau Ia! Bodybuilders’ top officials told Samoa News the competitors have been committed since day one and they couldn’t be happier to have contestants who are into bodybuilding. “Having the bodybuilding competition on island for the first time is something we are proud of and it’s a dream come true,” said McMoore.

Reid told Samoa News they are super excited about this competition and competitors are spending a lot of time shaping up.

“They work out on their own and each time we call a meeting they respond right away. We see how committed and how passionate they are about this competition and we are happy to have started this on island,” said Reid. He told Samoa News that while some competitors withdrew their names from the competition, yet they are still seen at the gym helping out the current competitors and “we couldn’t be happier to know that we will have a bigger pool of competitors at our competition next year.”

He said, “This goes along well with our motto that this newly established Sau Ia! Bodybuilding is organized exclusively to promote bodybuilding as an amateur sport.

The winner will represent American Samoa at the well-known Ikaika Bodybuilding Competition in Hawai’i.”

Reid III explained that Sau Ia will cover their NPC (National Physique Committee) Membership, their registration to enter the Ikaika Championship, their round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations.

In 2015 the pair sponsored Bert Fuiava who represented American Samoa at the Ikaika Bodybuilding Competition. Fuiava, who was a first timer, nailed second place in the Men's Light Heavy Weight Open Class at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu.

The major sponsor for this first time event is GHC Reid & Company.

Its president, Olivia Reid Gillete, told Samoa News that they are supporting the "Sau Ia Bodybuilding Competition" as they support good causes, and promoting good health, strength, agility and endurance at all ages is important.” She said Vaimalu bottled water and PowerAde — of which GHC Reid & Company is the exclusive distributor — support the event and the athletes because bodybuilders are athletes, and this event provides a stage for these particular athletes to compete and inspire others to take control of their health.

She pointed out that it's also the first time that this type of event is being held locally and “we think it's important to promote healthier lifestyles to help eliminate non-communicable diseases such as Type II diabetes, heart disease, etc.”

“For athletes who engage in other sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, baseball, etc., I guarantee you that the successful ones engage in some form of weight training.”

She said, “Bodybuilding/weight training is an important foundation by itself as a sport and as a foundation for other sports. We're proud to be part of this health initiative and hope the rest of the community will feel the same way and support it.”